Teams Hub

Welcome to the Teams Hub! You will find different ways to interact with the rest of the iGEM teams on this page, as well as general team information for the 2020 season.

Team Information

Team List

iGEM Team List includes team profiles, titles and abstracts, track selection, team rosters, and more information about the team status.

Team Wikis

All teams are required to create a Team Wiki to document their project. This serves as the public facing representation of each team's work.

Team Parts

Every iGEM team is assigned a set of BioBrick numbers for their Team Parts that they create and work with throughout the iGEM competition.


2020 Team Meetups

Meetups are events where local teams get together to share, collaborate and work together. If you're planning a meetup this year or want to attend one, please take a look at the Meetups page!

Team Collaborations

Teams can help each other with various aspects of their project through collaborations. If you're looking to find another team to collaborate with, or want to offer help, please take a look at the Collaborations page!

News Archive

Here you will find the archived news items from the iGEM 2020 Main page

Connect with the iGEM Community

iGEM is a global community, check out our Connect page to find out how to connect with HQ and the rest of the iGEM community.


Below are a few useful resources to help teams get started:

All Teams Map

View the iGEM 2020 Team Map on Google Maps.