iGEM X Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)

iGEM is teaming up with Just One Giant Lab to foster efficient collaboration among teams and enhance the accessibility to the skills and resources amidst the pandemic.

iGEM is dedicated to the development of an open synbio community, driven by collaboration amongst our diverse members. Both iGEM and JOGL believe in mobilizing an open community to focus on humanity’s most urgent problems, captured in the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more about the SDGs here: and

Join the iGEM 2020 program on the JOGL platform and be a part of the global effort to achieve Vision 2030 for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Create a JOGL account
  • Launch your project/ Join one
  • Participate in iGEM: SDG challenge
  • Post your needs, navigate resources and collaborate

Visit the iGEM 2020 Program page on JOGL to learn more about the collaboration and get started:

The SDGs on JOGL

iGEM 2020 program on JOGL has different challenges with a myriad of projects submitted to these challenges. The projects tackle individual aspects of a challenge, a challenge addresses a specific aspect of a program, and a program is the umbrella under which all these are housed. The iGEM 2020 program has 4 different challenges, each targeting a specific group of SDGs:

  • Fundamental Needs - Goals 2,3 and 6
  • Socio-Economic Needs - Goals 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 16 and 17
  • The Environment - Goals 13, 14 and 15
  • Industrial Needs - Goals 7, 9 and 12

All 2020 iGEMers can sign up for the program and submit projects to any of these challenges. Given that some projects will address multiple SDGs, teams can pick one SDG as the focal point of their project, use that to inform what challenge they want to participate in and simply indicate all SDGs their project will address when creating their project on JOGL. For more details on how to join JOGL and submit your projects to the iGEM 2020 program, follow the directions given in the visual onboarding guide.

Resources on JOGL

The 2020 iGEM season is an unusual one because of the pandemic. With a lot of labs closed globally, most teams have been restricted to a dry lab only project. The iGEM 2020 Program on JOGL gives iGEMers a chance to pursue Dry lab - Wet lab partnerships. With its new and improved interface, the JOGL platform offers iGEMers a more effective collaboration tool where they can list the needs of their project to make their projects easier to find for their “helpers”.

Let's start collaborating!

Getting Started

Video Onboarding Guide

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Visual Onboarding Guide

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