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Team Spirit: Poster Session

Thank you for joining the Global Meetup! 21 iGEM Teams participated and submitted posters for a different kind of poster session. Celebrating the diversity of our community - this was no ordinary poster session! The posters are about team members. Although our platform proved to be a bit chaotic - we thank you for helping us try it out and presenting your team members. Here are all the posters that were submitted:

Team Thessaly

Greece, Europe


Puerto Rico, Latin America

Team BITS Goa

India, Asia

Team Moscow

Russia, Europe

Team NOVA Lisbon

Portugal, Europe

Team UGent

Belgium, Europe

Team FDR HB Peru

Peru, Latin America

Team Ashesi Ghana

Ghana, Africa

Team Stockholm

Sweden, Europe

Team Estonia TUIT

Estonia, Europe

Team Groningen

Netherlands, Europe

Team Paris Bettencourt

France, Europe

Team HZNFHS Hangzhou

China, Asia

Team UChicago

USA, North America

Team NJU China

China, Asia

Team Concordia

Canada, North America

Team Nantes

France, Europe

Team IISER Berhampur

India, Asia

Team IIT Roorkee

India, Asia

Team MIT

USA, North America

Team Nanjing Worldshaper

China, Asia