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Individual Registration is now open through Eventbrite! All attendees, including team members, should register through Eventbrite to get access to the "My iGEM" Platform and App, and to sign media release agreements for the event.

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November 22, 2020

Every day of the Jamboree is a celebration, but November 22 will top off the whole event. This will include highlighting the achievements from the hackathons, addressing the community at the Closing Ceremony, and rewarding teams in the Awards Ceremony. Stream the events in the My iGEM app or right here at


Closing Award Ceremony


Join us for the finale of iGEM 2020 and find out your judging results! This year, we are celebrating iGEM in 250 places all around the globe. An exceptional iGEM year deserves an exceptional ending! We are trying something completely new to bring the excitement and emotion of the Closing Ceremony to wherever you are. The entire show will be hosted live and feature live reactions from teams and audience. Meet long time members of the iGEM community as they award your work, and congratulate your achievements!

• Welcome by iGEM HQ, Ambassadors & Watch Parties
• Recap of the Jamboree
• President’s Speech
• Finalists Highlights
• Medal Results
• High School Awards
• Track Awards
• Collegiate Special Awards
• Grand Prize Winners Annoucement
• Virtual iGEM From Above



Join a special virtual space to meet thousands of other iGEMers in an interactive space-themed After Party! You have completed your iGEM 2020 journey and you step into the world of ‘’Beyond the Competition’’. The party will be hosted by After iGEM – our program dedicated to engagement of iGEM Alumni. Bring music, drinks, and food from your region. Let’s celebrate the next generation of young leaders in Synthetic Biology!

Information for All Teams

All teams should have nominated a "Team Representative" to assist with featuring the team in closing ceremony live stream (see below). The Team Representatives have now all been contacted from "production2020 AT igem DOT org with instructions on how to participate in Sunday's events. In case you missed the email, here are more details:

Organize to watch the closing ceremony with your team on the My iGEM app or the Website
If you want to watch together, organize with your team to watch the livestream together from My iGEM or, either in-person (if safe and permitted in your area), or using a team meeting service like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Team Representatives should coordinate with the Production team to stream your team to the Closing Ceremony

  1. Team Representatives should receive an email from production2020 AT igem DOT org
  2. Download the BreakOut App and test your equipment by November 20 at 7PM EST. If you have already tested your equipment with the app, no further action is required.
    Unfortunately, this app is not available on MacOS (Apple computers or laptops). It is available on iPad and iPhone
  3. Share your experience on November 22 through the BreakOut app by either filming yourself, your team watch party (virtual) or your in person watch party. Make sure your devices have enough battery for the whole closing ceremony! Your team will be shown on the main Ceremony stream using the BreakOut app if you are nominated or win any awards.

If you have questions, please contact production2020 AT igem DOT org.

Team Representative

Nominations due: November 12, 11:59 EST

For the live stream section of the awards ceremony, we will show a single screen for your team if you are nominated or win any of the special prizes or track awards. Think of it like the Academy Awards (if you have watched them) - we will show all the nominees on the screen, then zoom in on the winner. We can't show every screen from the entire team since that would be far too many screens to highlight.

In order to facilitate this live stream, we need your team to nominate ONE person to be the Team Representative. The production company for Celebration Day will each out to the Team Representative in the coming days to test the virtual meeting function.

Please fill out this form by Thursday, November 12 (11:59 AM EST) so we can connect you with our production team.

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Join the virtual iGEM From Above!

Photos due: November 15, 23:59 EST

Every year, we celebrate the end of the Jamboree with one giant, crowded group photo! iGEM From Above represents the growth of our community from just a few people in 2004 to thousands of iGEMers in 2019. Obviously, this year had to be special - we needed a creative way to reimagine iGEM From Above, and show all of 2020 iGEM Community in one global animation! Join us in trying something new! We will create a giant animated hexagonal collage from all iGEMers photos. We need your help in achieving this. To complete your Jamboree experience, please send us your photos by:

Sunday, November 15th 23:59 EST (midnight).

What do we need from you?

  • Photo (.png) of every team member with a removed background.

Safely host your own Jamboree Watch Party!

Although we can’t be together at one big in-person event this year, we are still celebrating your hard work - this time, at 250 places all over the world. Are you planning to host your own Jamboree Watch Party? The parties can be run completely virtually, and if it is allowed in your area, you are welcome to hold small gatherings. Please make sure that you are following social distancing and other precautions to prevent the spread of infection, and make sure that you are not breaking any rules in your area.

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November 17-20


November 21


November 22

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